Win $200 gift card by filling the Toojay’s Deli Survey

Toojay’s Deli works very hard every single day to make those delicious sandwiches, burgers, fries and what not for their customers. After all, if the customers are happy the business is only going to flourish. But, for Toojay’s Deli, it’s not just about making money. For them, it’s about sending customers back home with good new memories and a smile on their face. But with a large flow of customers, each day and managing everything, small or big mishaps do happen. Which is exactly what Toojay’s Deli would like to work on. And so you have the invitation to take the Toojay’s Deli Survey from right away and win something amazing!

About Toojay’s Deli

Founded back in 1981, Toojay’s Deli is a private business and a company that holds a large chain of restaurants. Toojay’s Deli has its headquarters located in the Florida region of the United States of America. With such a large scale of success, Toojay’s now holds more than 30 restaurants with customers coming out and into the stores all day every day!

Toojay’s Deli Survey reward is a mind-twister

Once you are done with your response to the Toojay’s Deli survey, you can enter your name into the prize draw at the end of your submission. This draw can allow you to win a $200 Toojay’s Deli gift card easily!

Taking the Toojay’s Deli survey now

  1. To complete Toojay’s Deli Survey, you will be visiting
  2. From your most recent receipt of Toojay’s Deli, you will enter the store number
  3. Go ahead and enter your transaction number.
  4. Then enter the date of your visit.
  5. Then enter the time of your visit.
  6. Click the ‘start’ button then.
  7. Begin answering the survey questions based on your recent experience. Make sure you are honest with your responses.
  8. Rate some situations according to how you think is best.
  9. In the end, submit the survey and then share contact details to enter the draw!

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