Get a Discount Off Your Next Purchase by Filling the FATZ Survey!

What is the importance of a customer in the business world? You must have thought about this questions once in your life at least, with the obvious answer, that a customer is like oxygen to a business or service. Without a consumer, a product or service is useless. There is no point of producing products or introducing services if no one is there to receive them at the other end, right?  And so, many businesses and service providers really value what their customers and consumers have to say about them and what they provide. Such businesses and services are the ones that remain successful while competing with other businesses and service providers. FATZ is one of those businesses and so it has introduced its FATZ Survey. Now, if you are a FATZ customer then go to

About FATZ

FATZ is a regional casual dining restaurant chain with locations in the Southeastern United States. It is operated by Cafe Enterprises, Inc., with headquarters in Taylors, South Carolina. Founded in 1988, it is now in more than 43 locations. It was known as FATZ Cafe In 2017, the chain rebranded to become FATZ Southern Kitchen. The chain avoids locations in large metropolitan areas and as of 2017, the chain has 43 locations in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Procedure of filling out FATZ SURVEY

Now, you must want to fill out FATZ Survey because it will help them become better and eventually their services and products will become better so you will be served better!

All you have to do to fill out the FATZ Survey is follow these steps below in order to submit it fully;

  • Go to this URL;
  • Here, provide the Survey Code in the space provided. You can find the code on your FATZ receipt.
  • Then, click the “Start” button to begin taking the survey.
  • Now, keep following the on-screen instructions to complete the survey.
  • Then submit the survey and get your discount coupon for your next purchase.

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