Win $1,000 Prize By Filling White Spot Survey!

White Spot is a restaurant in Canada which is known for its pirate-themed décor and dishes. They serve hamburgers, fries as well as breakfast. The restaurant prepares delicious food and also takes care of their customers. They made their name in the country and by upholding their values and promises for the past 90 years. The customers are important to them and to hear their feedback they have created the White Spot Survey This helps the restaurant find out which areas they are lacking in and improve their food as well as service so that every diner leaves satisfied.

white spot restaurant

The White Spot Survey is available to everyone who dines at the store. To complete the survey you will have to take a few minutes out of your time and also have the receipt from the last visit on hand. In return for your precious time, the restaurant pays you back by entering your name in a $1,000 gift card sweepstakes. You can also stand a chance to win one of the three weekly $500 prizes if you take the White Spot Survey.


  1. Open the survey website by clicking on this link from your laptop computer or smartphone device
  2. Use the total billed amount that is mentioned on your receipt and enter it into the given field.
  3. After that enter the receipt code as it is mentioned on the bottom of the page. A picture of a sample receipt is given on the website to help you find the required information.
  4. Once you have verified the details you can head on over to the survey and answer questions about their customer service, food taste, atmosphere and much more.
  5. You will be asked for contact details at the end of the survey. Enter this information carefully because it will be where the restaurant contacts you in case you win the prize.


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