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Participate in the Sonic Drive-In Survey available online at and get a chance to receive rewards, discounts or special offers.

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If you participate in the Sonic Drive-In Survey and take your chance to share the feedback you have including any additional comments that you would like the company to know, you can allow this company to serve you win an even better customer service experience the next time you visit them. You can take this survey within 14 days of your last purchase that you made. The survey will mainly measure how the customers will rate their satisfaction with the services, the products and more by the company. The survey is online which allows you to sit back and relax at your home while you fill it out.

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With Sonic Drive-In survey, you can finish your response within 10 minutes. The survey cares for the opinions and the feedback its customers have. Which is why when you finish your response, you get a token of grade at the end of the survey for a candid response. Enjoy a validation code and write it on your recent receipt. You can redeem the offer that is already printed on your receipt when you show the staff your coupon code.

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Sonic Drive-In is a fast food chain of restaurants from Shawnee, Oklahoma, United States of America. What is different about this restaurant is that it’s a drive-n restaurant which was founded back in 1953. Soon it expanded to 3,500 restaurants and today it serves 3 million customers each day.

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  1. To start filling the survey, you will visit this page:
  2. You will then select a language that suits you; either Spanish or English to take the survey in
  3. Then start entering information from your recent receipt before you hit Enter; such as your ID number, the transaction number, the survey code, and so on.
  4. After that, you can begin to enter your answers to survey questions.
  5. You can also rate the statements accordingly. Make sure your response is honest.
  6. Finish the survey and then submit it.

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