Let IHOP Know How Your Experience Went Through the IHOP Survey

The International House of Pancakes or more commonly known as IHOP is the most popular breakfast joint chain in America. It has expanded its business overseas and is now present in many countries across the world. The status it enjoys worldwide was achieved because of the delicious pancakes they serve and their brilliant customer service. IHOP cares about the customers and listens to what they are saying. They use a tool to communicate with the customers called the IHOP Survey www.talktoihop.com. This is an online feedback system that records the reponses from all diners at the restaurant. The IHOP Survey asks questions about their experience and uses them to alter their management style and service in such a way that no one leaves unsatisfied.


The IHOP Survey is open to all those who have visited the restaurant and ordered something there. They need the receipt from the last visit in order to take the survey. The IHOP survey provides valuable information to the restaurant that they can use for their benefit. The questions are very straightforward and simple to answer. IHOP uses a scale on which the customers are asked to rate them on a number of factors including their food, service and atmosphere.



  1. 1. Use the following link to open the IHOP Survey on your computer or phone www.talktoihop.com
  2. Enter the survey code as it is mentioned on the receipt. You will be have to consult the receipt for this information and if you are having trouble finding it then there is a guide given on the website that can help you.
  3. Next enter the date and time of your visit as it is written on the receipt.
  4. You will have to give the server ID as well so that the management knows which specific person to address in case of any complaints.
  5. The survey questions have to be answered to the best of your abilities in order to help them improve their service.

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