Get A Free Starter On Your Next Visit By Taking Part In Sizzling Pubs Survey!

Did you recently have a nice dinner out at Sizzling Pubs? We’re sure that you got the best service you could expect. But there might be issues here and there that you think need to be pointed out. Which is why we urge you to take part in the Sizzling Pubs survey before it expires. You can access it from and you’ll be glad you did after you find out what the presents are! And don’t you forget to be brutally honest because only you can tell the company how to become the best of the best!sizzling pubs


Sizzling Pubs is a series of United Kingdom-based pubs started by Mitchells & Butlers plc. Today this company operates more than 200 Sizzling pubs across the United Kingdom. Sizzling Pubs offers customers with the option of enjoying a dinner out with their family which makes it a great place for any kind of gatherings.


Sizzling Pubs truly cares for you. Which is why once you submit your response you get to receive a voucher for a free starter or dessert for your next visit before it expires.


Sizzling Pubs wants to make sure that you get all the help you need when you’re filling out the Sizzling Pubs survey. After all, it is important that your response is highly accurate. Which is why we recommend you follow the given instructions:

  1. To participate in Sizzling Pubs Survey you just need to go to
  2. Read welcome note first and along with that, you can read the welcome note too.
  3. Click on Enter.
  4. Select the location of the pub you visited, enter the date and time of your visit and so on.
  5. Click ‘Next’ when done.
  6. It’s time to tell them how your recent experience was. So, you can begin answering the survey questions.
  7. Rate the given statements accordingly as well.
  8. When you are finished you can submit your response.


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