Shaws Survey shows you your opinion matters

A little about Shaws and Star Market

Shaws and Star market are a retail grocery store that was started in the year 1860. Their headquarters are located in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts in the United States of America. They have many products available at their store among which are the usual grocery items, bakery items, frozen food, medicines, snacks and much more. Since they are so committed to make sure that their customers remain happy and satisfied, they have also started conducting a Shaws Survey when you go This will allow you to give them your honest opinion about their services. Shaws and Star Market

Instructions to fill out a Shaws Survey

The first thing that you will need to start filling out the Shaws Survey is their receipt. On this receipt you will have the important information that is needed for the survey. Next, you can get your hands on any device: computer, laptop, tablet or a mobile phone. Once you have one of these devices, you will also need a good and a reliable internet connection on it. Now, just follow the steps that have been given below and you will be done in no time.

  1. Go to their website by clicking on
  2. You can view the rules for their sweepstakes by clicking on the link they have given in the welcome remark.
  3. Enter the date in the given space.
  4. Also type in the time.
  5. Now enter the code that is also on the receipt that you have.
  6. Scroll a little down and enter your email address in the space given.
  7. Click on “Next” when you are done.
  8. Answer the questions that appear on the next page.
  9. You may also have to rate a few of their statements according to the kind of experience you have had at their store.
  10. When you are done, click on “Submit” and you will be done.

You can also go to their website and find out more information about them.

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