Help Make Improvements By Taking the Planet Hollywood Survey!

What if you were told that just by answering a few questions, you can help improve your favourite eatery? Well, this isn’t just a fantasy – as a customer, you can actually make a difference. In recent years, many companies are starting to understand how important feedback is. As well as this, they are also using feedback to improve. One such company is one you must be familiar with, Planet Hollywood! If you love visiting Planet Hollywood, you’re going to love their initiative to collect feedback. All you need is a receipt to give your honest feedback on the Planet Hollywood service. You can go online right now, and go to the site to participate in the Planet Hollywood Survey!


Planet Hollywood is a restaurant chain based in the United States. Best known for its theme, Planet Hollywood has been around since the year 1991. People around the country enjoy the delicious food and themed nature of Planet Hollywood. Some of the people who helped Planet Hollywood start out are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, as well as Demi Moore. Since it was created, Planet Hollywood can be found in 6 locations, in places like Las Vegas, London, as well as one in Disneyland Paris.

planet bollywood


The Planet Hollywood Survey is easy to take. Read through the instructions and get started on this feedback survey.

  1. Switch on your computer or device.
  2. Then, connect your device to a stable internet connection.
  3. Open up this link in your web browser’s new tab:
  4. Also, select the language you prefer out of English or French.
  5. Enter in your Check as well as your Store Number as listed on your receipt.
  6. Give your honest feedback about the experience you had when you last visited Planet Hollywood. Share your levels of satisfaction with the service and food.
  7. Finally, submit your responses online.

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