Win a Free Validation Code by Filling Out the Panda Express Survey!

When you think about Chinese food the first thing that comes to mind is Panda Express. They are famous for their innovative twist on Chinese cuisine. The reason for their success is the fact that they listen to customer feedback. Now they have an even easier way to give feedback, which is the Panda Express Survey. Just go to The feedback is not only helpful for the restaurant but will be something you as a customer will also greatly benefit from. Honestly giving them feedback will ensure every customer will have a pleasant experience.

What is Panda Express

Panda express was founded in 1983 in Rosemead, California, United States. They are a casual fast food Chinese restaurant. It is Chinese food but with an American twist. They started from America but quickly took the world by storm, now they have over 2000 locations. Given the fact that they are a casual restaurant they were mainly found in malls and shopping centers, but now they have proper restaurants but with the same casual atmosphere.

The Prize

Upon completing the Panda Express Survey, you will get a validation code. The validation code is used to redeem various offers! Every receipt will have a different offer which offer you get will be a surprise! But you will need to give your receipt and validation code once you go to redeem the offer.

How to Fill Out the Survey

The survey is going to only take you 5 minutes. This step by step guide will help you have a smoother experience.

  • To start the survey, go to
  • Next ce enter the 4- or 5-digit code that will be located on the front of the receipt and click on next
  • Enter the details of your visit
  • Once you have done the above you can start the Panda Express Survey
  • Answer all the questions giving your feedback
  • Lastly you will be led to a page with your validation code.

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