Get $25 gift cards by just completing the Shari’s survey!

Imagine going to your favorite restaurant, and this time your experience was lackluster. There can be many reasons for the drop in performance. However, the best way to make sure the restaurant improves is by giving them feedback on their mistakes. Even Shari’s understand the importance of feedback on improving performance, which is why they have Shari’s survey for you to give them the feedback directly. You can go to They really appreciate your feedback hence they also offer you prizes, for taking out time of your busy to help them. This will benefit everyone as the customers will have a better experience and Shari’s will get more customers!

What is Shari’s?

Shari’s was founded in 1978 in Hermiston, Oregon. They are a family dining restaurant located in the western United States. Their pies are incredibly famous, but that’s not all they have. Shari’s also has great comfort home-style food. The ambiance is very welcoming an example of that is the numerous offers they have like free pies for Birthdays and also free pie Wednesdays. This fun and welcoming environment is why families love going there!

What do I win if I complete Shari’s survey?

After filling out Shari’s survey you will be entered into a lucky draw. The winner for this lucky draw will win a $25 gift card for Shari’s. You can have only one entry per person. To enter the only rule is that you must be 18 or older!

I’m ready to fill out the Shari’s survey

Great! It will only take a few minutes. To have a smooth and quicker experience let us guide you:

  • To start Shari’s survey, go to
  • Next, enter your 16-digit invitation code on the receipt
  • Now you may begin the survey
  • Answer all the questions and click on next
  • Enter your personal information asked in the last question.
  • Now you have entered the lucky draw!

The survey is currently closed, but please come back soon for a new survey!

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