Share Your Opinions By Taking McDonald’s Survey!


Everyone knows that McDonald’s will never disappoint you. They strive to be the best in the business and they make sure they do everything the right way. To hear from their customers, they are now starting a McDonald’s Survey. This survey will allow you to give them your feedback about their surveys. So head over to and start writing away!




Make sure you have a computer, laptop, tablet or a mobile phone with you. Once you have a device of your choice, you will also need a good internet connection on it. Also keep the receipt that you got from them with you so you can fill out all the information for the survey. Now, all you will have to do is follow the steps that have been given below and you will be done in no time.

  1. Go to their survey site by clicking on
  2. You also have the choice of giving the survey in Spanish. Click on the link they have given to change the language.
  3. Type in the 26 digit survey code that will be printed in the middle of your receipt.
  4. If you do not have the receipt, you will be given a link at the bottom of the page which you can click on.
  5. Here you will have to enter other information. Type in the store number.
  6. Also give them the KS number.
  7. Give them the date of your visit.
  8. They will also require the time your visit.
  9. Enter the order number.
  10. Also give them the amount that you spent while you were there.
  11. Click on “Start” when you are done.
  12. Start answering the questions that are presented to you.
  13. You may also have to rate some statements according to the kind of experience you had on your visit.
  14. Once you are done, you can click on “Submit”.

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