Free menu items will come your way with McDonald’s Australia’s Survey

You must have had late night cravings for McDonald’s just like us. And you must have gotten your take away, dine in or delivery right on time to tame the hungry beast! Because not only does McDonald’s Australia provide you with fast service, they also make sure their quality is top level. However, when you have to feed millions of people each day, mishaps are bound to happen. But McDonald’s Australia believes it can ‘become better. Which is why you can now take the McDonald’s Australia’s survey from and get your chance to grab something free!


In case you didn’t know about McDonald’s

McDonald’s is one of the most popular American based fast food chain around the world today. This company was actually founded in 1940, originally by the McDonald brothers. At McDonald’s, you can get anything you like – burgers, chicken items, milkshakes, ice-cream, salads, dessert and so much more!

McDonald’s Australia’s survey has something special to share

When you finish your McDonald’s Australia’s survey response, you will get a redemption code. Go to your local McDonald’s and redeem free ice cream cone, nuggets, small fry and so much more once you purchase something!

Take the McDonald’s Australia’s survey with us!

Taking this survey is no big deal. Simply follow our guide for McDonald’s Australia’s survey and you will be good to go in 5 minutes:

McDonald's Australia's

  1. Go to McDonald’s Australia’s survey website from
  2. Type in the restaurant number located on your recent receipt and then enter further details.
  3. Click ‘next’ to begin entering information.
  4. Enter the location of your purchase, the store number, then select the type of your visit.
  5. Continue and enter the date of your visit, the time of your visit, enter your age and so on.
  6. Click on Start.
  7. Now answer the survey questions based on how you were treated on your recent experience.
  8. Then, rate a few situations according to how much you liked or disliked them.
  9. Finally, submit the response.

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