Get a Free Starter by Filling Out the Harvester Survey!

A customer is like oxygen to a business, so any business in the world would want to keep its customers happy, to gain customer loyalty and satisfaction. There are many ways to gain these two things, but first a business must know what its consumers really want or need. Although, they may already be serving their consumers good, but they can always improve to become great! Harvester has introduced its Harvester Survey for this reason. You will get a voucher for a free starter, the next time that you visit the place for food after filling the Harvester Survey at So, don’t waste any more time and go fill out the survey so that you can help them, help you get a better service and products the next time you visit their place!

About Harvester

Harvester was founded in 1983, by Courage Brewery, in the U.K. It is a family farmhouse-style restaurant chain with over 230 outlets. It serves area wide in the UK.

Guidance on how to fill out the Harvester Survey

It’s very simple to fill out the Harvester Survey, all you need is a good connection to the internet, from your electronic device. Then, follow the steps below to fill out the survey:

  • From your web browser, open this link address, to access the Harvester Survey page
  • Then, scroll down and click on the green button which says “Next”
  • In the space provided, type the restaurant name or town/city you visited and select from the list and then click the green button which says “Next”
  • Fill out the Harvester Survey by answering all the questions as you proceed ahead, and then submit the survey
  • You will be sent a voucher in your inbox, for a free starter for the next time that you visit Harvester, once you are done with the survey

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