Fill Out Ed’s Easy Diner Survey to Win £1000!

Great customer service and quality food is a standard every restaurant is expected to uphold, and most restaurants do. One of those restaurants is Ed’s easy diner. They pay great attention to the restaurant design and the quality food they serve. To maintain this, they ask for your feedback of your experience. For this they have the Ed’s Easy Diner Survey which you can fill out at Giving them an honest feedback will ensure that you and all other customers a have a great experience every time.

A Little Bit About Ed’s Easy Diner

Ed’s Easy Diner was founded in 1987 in London, United Kingdom. They currently have over 20 locations all across the UK. Ed’s Easy Diner is based on the theme of 1950’s American diner. They serve classic dishes from that era with a slight modern twist. The main attraction is the ambience. They have the restaurant set up as a 50’s diner with the juke box and old music playing.

Unveiling the Prizes!

By filling out Ed’s Easy Diner survey you will get 10 chances to win a £1000 gift card! To enter the lucky draw, you have to be 18 or older, you will also only have a 20-minute time limit per question to complete the survey. The only way to enter is by entering the code that is on your receipt. If come across any issues just click on the ‘help’ button and you will be given help to solve the issue.

How to Fill Out the Survey

Ed’s Easy Diner Survey will only take you 5 minutes to fill out, let us guide you to have a easier experience.

  1. To start the survey, go to
  2. Then enter the invitation code on receipt
  3. Once you have entered the code you may start Ed’s easy diner survey
  4. Answer all the questions and click on next
  5. After you complete the survey you will be asked some personal information
  6. Now that you have filled out the information you have been entered into the lucky draw

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