Win $100 Gift Card by Filling Safeway CARRS Survey!

Online surveys help companies keep a check on the quality they provide to their customers. Because every now and then, a company can fail to provide their best to their valued customers. Which is exactly why we have surveys. And so Safeway CARRS supermarket has started its own Safeway CARRS survey for its customers. This way, the supermarket will be able to keep a check on themselves while making sure their customer service satisfied their valued customers. At the end of the Safeway CARRS survey, you will even get an appreciation gift from them in order to show you that your feedback is important to them!

carrs safeway


Safeway CARRS is an American=based chain of supermarkets. Formerly known as Carrs Quality Centers, this supermarket was founded back in 1950. With its headquarters based in Anchorage, Alaska, United States of America, it has over 24 locations within Alaska only. In addition to the food and beverage items you can find at Safeway CARRS, this company also offers its customers a variety of fuel sales, pharmacy services, photograph processing and fresh, local flowers among other items!


At the end of your Safeway CARRS survey response, if you choose to share your contact details, your name will be added to the prize draw. This draw can help you win a gift card worth $100 that you can spend at this supermarket freely!


In order to finish your response faster, simply follow this plan:

  1. go to
  2. Once you are on the page, you can go ahead and read any additional information you like.
  3. Then continue and begin entering information by referring to your recent receipt.
  4. enter your date and time of visit, transaction number and so on.
  5. Then begin answering the survey questions.
  6. click on the arrow to keep on moving further with the questions.
  7. Then when you reach the end, submit the survey.

Enjoy the win!


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