Canadian Tire Gas+ Survey Let’s You Take Home $1,000 Reward!

You must have had good and bad memories at Canadian Tire Gas+ stations and stores since your childhood considering it is one of the oldest gems of Canada. While the company has a reputation to uphold, they also care deeply for their customers. Which is why you are now offered to participate in the Canadian Tire Gas+ Survey that you can find at And don’t worry, your honesty will be appreciated deeply by the company with the rewards they have to offer to you!

Canadian Tire Gas+

About Canadian Tire Gas+

Canadian Tire Gas+ is a retail store and a popular gas station chain. Part of the famous Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited, Canadian Tire Gas+ has become one of Canada’s best-known companies.  Here, you can find suitable home care products, sports and leisure equipment, and even automotive products. Opened first in1909, the company is now headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and has over 1,700 locations!

The Canadian Tire Gas+ survey reward you should hear about!

Do you know what the best part about the Canadian Tire Gas+ Survey is? You will automatically be able to save up to 2 cents per liter on your next visits!  You can also take it up a notch and enter into a prize draw for a chance to win $1,000. This draw will take place daily!  And if you can’t win that, you can enter to win prizes worth of $1,500 weekly!

Quick instructions for the Canadian Tire Gas+ survey

If you are having trouble with filling out the Canadian Tire Gas+ Survey yourself, we are here to help you out. Simply follow our guide provided below:

  1. Complete Canadian Tire Gas+ Survey you can go to
  2. Select your language from the options provided to you.
  3. Read prize information provided on the left side of the page.
  4. Enter the date of your purchase according to your recent receipt.
  5. Enter the total amount spent on your visit as well.
  6. Enter the receipt code after that.
  7. Now you can click on the Enter button and begin with the survey.
  8. You will now be answering survey questions based on your recent experience with Canadian Tire Gas+
  9. In the end, submit the survey.

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