Complete the Tell PDQ Survey to Make Your Opinions Known to the Management!

If you are a real foodie it is obvious that you must have dinned at their restaurants. Take a few minutes of your busy life to fill out the Tell PDQ Survey and give them your candid feedback. Rate them according to the environment, service, and food they provided. You can help them improve in all regards simply by filling the Tell PDQ Survey available at

About Tell PDQ

At first, PDQ was used as an acronym for Pretty Damn Quick, a testament to its fast food roots. This restaurant is famous among the food chains because of its very own, unique and h9ghly delicious chicken recipes. In addition to this, the main reason for the attraction of a large number of customers to the restaurant is their fairly low and affordable prices.

What you Must Possess to Take Tell PDQ Survey

  1. Well charged PC, mobile or laptop.
  2. You must have paid a recent visit to Tell PDQ.
  3. A valid receipt of your food purchase whether it as a takeaway, home delivery or dine out.

Guidelines to Fill Tell PDQ Survey

It is mandatory for you to follow the given instructions exactly if you are eager to complete the Tell PDQ Survey and give your remarks.

  1. Start by clicking on the link given in blue in point 2.
  3. You will instantly reach the Tell PDQ Survey
  4. There will be a survey policy on the bottom right corner. Read it.
  5. Enter the 18 digit code that it present on your Tell PDQ receipt.
  6. Now you will come across a questionnaire demanding various sorts of information.
  7. Look at the receipt and you will find all of this data present on it.
  8. Enter all the information on the Tell PDQ Survey site to the best of your knowledge.
  9. O0nce completed with the questions click on the submit button to end with the Tell PDQ Survey.

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