Get Your Free Smashfries By Taking the Smashburger Kuwait Survey!

Smashburger Kuwait is a business that is dedicated to serving customers with the most delicious fast food in the country. It is because of their great customer service that people keep coming back for more. They want to know if there is anything they can do to make the dining experience even better that is why the Smashburger Kuwait Survey is available on

Smashburger Kuwait


Smashburger is known for their handcrafted burgers where they smash and sear the patties to perfection. There are different types of burgers available served in artisan buns and fresh ingredients. The species at Smashburger are infused with herbs and spices that delivers bursts of flavor in every bite. With a burger this good your definitely need fries and that is what the Smashfries are for. You can also order from onion rings or get a milkshake to have the complete gastronomical experience


To take the Smashburger Kuwait Survey you will be needing the receipt from your last visit to the restaurant. Other than that you will need an internet connection and a computer to open the website.


Follow these instructions to take the Smashburger Kuwait Survey and claim their exclusive reward of free smashfries. The reward is only for those who take the survey and a validation code for it is given at the end of it. Here is how you can complete the survey and get your prize:

  1. Open the survey website from your computer or mobile phone by clicking here
  2. Enter the details asked by the survey. These are mentioned on the receipt so make sure you copy them down accurately.
  3. Answer all the questions one by one as truthfully as possible. You can use this opportunity to give your honest feedback
  4. At the end of the survey you will be given a validation code. Present it at your next visit to get free smashfries and enter into the sweepstakes for a chance to win a daily cash prize.


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