Take the Shari’s Table Talk Survey and Give Your Feedback

Shari’s is the place you go to eat delicious pies and they are known for their mouth-watering crumbly taste which cannot be matched by any other place. Shari’s Table Talk also have breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks on their menu. They keep introducing new items and try to stay fresh so that their customers do not get bored. If you have been to the restaurant lately then you should take the Shari’s Table Talk Survey on sharislistens.smg.com and let them know what you thought of the dining experience.

Shari’s Table Talk

Shari’s Table Talk Survey is the restaurant’s way to communicate with customers and know how they feel. If they really like a particular menu item then they can indicate that on the survey and the restaurant will continue making more of it. If there was a problem with the order then Shari’s wants to know too because they can rectify the situation. The restaurant is open to all types of feedback because they are committed to improving not only their menu but also their service.

About Shari’s

Shari’s Table Talk is a family restaurant that opened its doors to the public 40 years ago in Oregon. Now they operate 24/7 and serve meals at all times of the day and night. The restaurant is now present in over 89 locations around the United States of America. They offer dine-in as well grab and go services. You can pick up food on your way to somewhere or sit inside and enjoy a nice meal with your friends and family.


  1. Open the Shari’s Table Talk Survey website by clicking on this link sharislistens.smg.com
  2. From the receipt of your last visit enter the 16-digit survey code into the website
  3. Answer the questions given on the survey regarding the taste, quality, service and facilities.
  4. After you have answered all questions you can submit the survey

The survey is no longer available but it might be in the future so don’t forget to check back later.

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