Leave Your Suggestions For Improvement By Taking the GreenSpace Canada Survey!

GreenSpace is open to the public so the center can find out how satisfied customers are with their services. The GreenSpace Canada Survey is in the form of a short questionnaire which is designed to gauge the client’s response to the gardening and landscaping solutions. GreenSpace values what people have to say and they invite them to go online on www.greenspacecanada-survey.com and give their feedback. However, the survey is no longer available.



GreenSpace is a store that provides landscaping and gardening services to homes in the United States and Canada. They are specialists in lawn care, tree growth and shrub fertilization. The company has an exact science for plantation which is why they are the best in the business. They can design unique lawn spaces and gardens for their clients. GreenSpace is eco-friendly and manages their resources efficiently for gardening. The company can also help with soil amendment, pest prevention and control.


  • You should be have a receipt for a recent purchase from the store
  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You should have a reliable internet connection and an electronic device that can access the internet


All those who take the survey are given a validation code at the end of questionnaire. They can use this code on their next visit to claim an exclusive offer



Follow these instructions to take the GreenSpace Canada Survey and claim the reward for taking out your time to answer their questions

  1. Open the survey website by clicking on this link greenspacecanada-survey.com
  2. Enter the 4-digit store number as it is mentioned on your receipt
  3. Answer the survey questions as honestly as possible. You will be asked to rate the store on the staff, service and products used
  4. Submit the survey and note down the validation code on your receipt to claim your reward


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